Sunday, November 22, 2015

The AndroDumpper Announcement

Dear All

This is Official Blog for AndroDumpper Android Application

What is AndroDumpper?
     AndroDumpper is an Android Application for Testing and Hacking WPS Enabled affected Access Points .

It Works using two kind of methods

No Root Method: a totally new way , which try to connect using Rootless methods , with some algorithms and my own developed algorithms that makes this application better than others

But it only supports Android 5.0 and up , it only let you connect to the Access Point and keep it saved in your network list , so you can connect to it anytime later , but it doesn't show the password , since the Wifi Password saved somewhere in your Android Phone which requires Root to show, so if you have Root then you can show the password after connecting using this ( No Root Method ).

Root Method: it uses some Root Based methods to connect to the network , sometimes it doesnt connect directly to the network , but it brings the Password , because it already has authenticated with the Network , and this supports Android 4.0 and up

For showing password in ( No Root Method ) , and using ( Root Method ) , you need to Root your Android Phone and have BusyBox Installed , and i can't provide a way to Root your Phone , since every Android vendor has its own way to Root, but you can download and install busybox from this PlayStore Link

Why the App is not working with all networks?
Some People Report my application as not working with networks, So Please to let you know , My Application won't get all networks, it only try to connect to WPS Enabled and Affected with WPS Bug , and you wont never find a way to hack all networks with 100% success , since WPA and WPA2 are not hackable without using WordList or bruteforcing  , and using bruteforcing on phone is VERY VERY VERY VERY dangerous on Phone since it uses very high CPU and power that may burn your phone , so you wont find a way like that on phone till the moment.

you can Download AndroDumpper from HERE

About Me ( The only Developer ): Im "Osama Abukmail", a Palestinian Android Developer who likes to hack and develop hacking tools and play with Android Kernels